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    The Mission of the Civilian Department is to create fun and realistic roleplay scenarios that will create hours of enjoyment for both the emergency services and the other civilians. It is our goal at MidwestRP to make sure that the civilians act appropriately and professionally at all times. We thank you for choosing the Civilian Department and hope you enjoy your time here!

  • Message from the Civilian Director 

    Hello and thank you for dropping by.

    I'd like to firstly welcome you, if you're visiting as a Civilian of course, for being a member of a fast growing department. I'd like to say that the chain of command of civilian operations is dedicated to you. You are the primary focus of the department & we're here to not only help you but to develop the department to the best of our abilities to ensure a future for Civilians who are yet to join. 

    We aim to treat all members with the same level of equality, professionalism and respect as each other, no matter your race, sexuality, ethnicity and religious beliefs. We're a family and we all should treat each other as such. 

    Thank You.

    Mel D. | CIV-1

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  • Sub-Divisions


    San Andreas Justice Department

    • The duty of the San Andreas Justice Department is to handle all case litigations. Under the umbrella of the Justice Department resides three judicial branches. Judge, Prosecution, and Defense.  All three of these branches work together to ensure a fair and impartial trial of citizens of San Andreas who have been charged with a crime.

    Civilian Information Committee

    • The Civilian Information Committee is responsible for creating department monthly newsletters, releasing news articles, covering public events and much more! CIC Has very talented people within its ranks that pay close attention to the small details for the enjoyment of all its readers. 

    Civilian Enterprises

    • Civilian Enterprises is the governing body for all gangs that operate within the department. The goal of this program is to foster excellent roleplay that is enjoyable for not only civilians, but also the entire community. We strive to ensure that all gangs and enterprises that are ran through our system are of only the highest quality, and provide in-depth roleplay. 

    Civilian Aviation Authority

    • Our purpose is to regulate and operate airspace, oversee the operations of CAA properties and airports, and draft legislation and regulations for pilots. The mission of the Civilian Aviation Authority is to provide the safest and most efficient air space system. CAA provides the tools and guidelines for airspace travel within the state of San Andreas to promote fun and in-depth roleplay opportunities.  All civilian divisions, subdivisions and certifications where flight operations are required must follow all CAA regulations in addition to division regulations. 
  • Managed Jobs

    We provide a wide variety of jobs that do not require any form of training for our members to enjoy. Shown below are our managed businesses and agencies that are operated by members of our department.


    San Andreas Department of Transportation

    The San Andreas DOT is the official traffic network authority for the state of San Andreas. Duties that SADOT undertakes can range from maintaining roadways, planning the next major interstate or assisting motorists at the roadside. DOT Operators work through the hottest and coldest days of the year with the safety of all as the number one priority. Under S.A. Law, SADOT is considered an emergency agency, thus permitting HERO employees to respond with lights & sirens to incidents that permit.

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    Gruppe Sechs Corporate Security

    Gruppe Sechs is the nation's premier public and private security company. Operating from Liberty City to Los Santos, we are the only security company trusted by top banks and federal agencies to secure their precious assets. We apply that same dedication to meeting your security needs. Whether you own a house in Rockford Hills or need help crossing the street, our professionals develop individual protection plans to put the U in secUre.

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    Integrity  "The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness"

    Realism "The quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life"

    Constant Improvement "The ongoing effort to improve roleplay, character development and department policies"

    Quality & Diversity "Creating in depth and detailed roleplay with diverse scenes and diverse characters"

    Open Mind "Willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced. Willing to adapt and adjust to different styles of roleplay"

    Fun & Enjoyment "This is a game after all... Have fun and enjoy your time here at MidwestRP"


    Civilian Director - Mel D.


    Deputy Director - Chris B.


    Assistant Director - Vacant


    Manager - Jordan W.


    Manager - Anthony V.


    Supervisor - Ellis B.



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